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We customize analytics solutions that meet customers current and future needs. Sample use cases are shown here to illustrate possible areas of focus.

Transportation & Logistics

Improve quality of service and increase revenue through accurate logistics predictions.

Manage dataflow between stakeholders such as munufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers.

Increase operational efficiency and customer experience.

Optimize real-time delivery routes.

E-commerce & Retail

Informed decision making to enable customer retention and identify new market.

Identify reasons for popuar products and low sale items.

Discover the reason certain branches are performing better.

Understand sales trends and potential differentiation from competitors.

Banking & Finance

Gain competitive advantage by watching market reactions to make informed.

Analyze consumer feedback on market perturbations via online media such as news articles, blogs, social media etc.

Formulate strategic moves based on market trends.

Food & Beverage

Improve customer service and generate more revenue.

Identify preferred and disliked menu items and the reasons.

Determin customer preferences for targeted promotions and advertising.

Understand market trends from online reviews to improve offerings.


Improve operational efficiency and customer experience towards increased revenue.

Provide relevant recommendations to customers in real time by analysing customer call logs, usage and customer satisfaction data.

Predict customer churn to enable preemptive measures.

Detection of fraud to protect customers and reduce impact on revenue.


Improve understanding of sales trends and customer preferences towards providing better customer experience.

Understand customer demographics and it’s correlation with membership patterns.

Trend analysis of member preferences, effectiveness of workout regimes, classes etc.

Understand sign-up and member churn trends.


If your industry is not listed here, do drop us a note and we will be glad to assist you in charting your analytics journey.